History and illustration: This has been my pre-occupation and my occupation for decades, starting with newspapers in 1971 and in books since 1989. This involvement, however, is brief compared to the longevity of the subjects I cover. Automobiles first appeared in 1886, celebrating their 125th birthday in 2011; motorcycles are only slightly younger. Architecture, winemaking, and farming have been around for many thousand years. Each of these broad subjects offers me specific areas to document and illustrate through the books I do for several publishers.

Much of the work I have done in the past decade has been illustrated histories for some of America’s and Europe’s finest brands. I have produced officially authorized projects for Chevrolet Division of General Motors, telling the 50-year and the 60-year history of the Corvette; for Deere & Company, relating the story of more than a century of agricultural equipment innovation in their John Deere tractors; for Ford Motor Company with histories of the Ford Mustang and Ford’s farm tractor operations; for Harley-Davidson Motor Company, producing for them The Archive Collection documenting for enthusiasts more than 200 of the company’s most significant – and some of its previously unknown – vehicles; for Mattel Inc., researching and relating the history and development of HotWheels ®, the world’s most prolific vehicle producer (turning out more cars, trucks, and motorcycles each year than all the other manufacturers combined;) and for Porsche A.G., with in-depth histories of the Porsche 911, of 60 years of the company’s automobiles, and in work now, the factory-authorized History of Porsche Motor Sport. Writing the text for these projects has led me through intensive research and countless interviews (for a number of these books, I’ve interviewed a hundred individuals or more.) Most enjoyably, I have collaborated with fellow photographers by writing the text for their books and alternatively, providing photographs for books by fellow authors.

The books, images, and works-in-progress blog you find on this site will give you a look at my passions: collaborating with, interviewing, and learning from fascinating people, and illustrating their work and their passions in beautiful light.

Automobile enthusiast Jay Leno has interviewed me several times for Jay Leno’s Garage to talk about his fascination with cars, history, and books, and my work in particular. You can see those interviews by clicking on the link here.

I hope you will enjoy what you see on this site.