Porsche Racing History

As I finished research and interviews for Porsche 60 Years, Porsche’s photo archivist Jens Torner and Director of Archives Dieter Landenberger told me they had a book idea for me: They wanted me to do the History of Porsche Racing. Because it was a subject I had been researching and writing about for nearly 20 years, and one that is of huge interest to me, I hesitated barely a second before agreeing. Then Dieter put it in perspective: “Of course, Randy, you know that since 1949 there have been more than 28,000 Porsche racing victories….” The first round of interviews for this project involved 26 individuals and yielded 56 hours of recorded materials. In Archives, there is a locked room with nearly 100 meters of confidential race and engineering documents and reports. The interview list Dieter and I developed now has 125 additional names on it. Our timing is nearly perfect; while we have missed some significant individuals – Ferry Porsche, Huschke von Hanstein, among them – dozens of others are anxiously telling us stories they have held for years.
David Bull Publishing has agreed to produce this Porsche Racing History. Because the project still is relatively new, we have not set a publication date.


Corvette: 60 Years

This was a distinctly different approach to Corvette history from either of my three previous Corvette volumes. Yes, of course, there is car engineering and design history, but, as with American Muscle, and with Muscle, this is a cultural history as well, one that puts the car in the context of the times. But it is the photographs that make this book exciting. Because it is Chevrolet’s officially licensed history, the division gave me complete access to its photo archive – more than 30,000 images made since late 1952. I spent 10 days in Detroit, and I put in more than 50 hours going through this archive to find photographs rarely – if ever- seen before. Hardcover. To be published in April 2012.


Complete Book of Porsche 911

This semi-encyclopedic approach to Porsche 911 history came about as the result of a question my publisher Zack Miller asked me: How many 911 models have there been since 1964? The answer, I learned, is 432 through the end of model year 2010. Did I think I could get them all in a single volume, he asked? I think I came really close – which of course opens the door for reviewers and readers to count and remind me that I did miss the so-and-so…. This was a fascinating project simply because of the numbers and the varieties; there are several racecars of which only a single example left the factory, and others where Porsche assembled only three or four. I did however photograph 104 cars – new to my archives – for this book. It was a huge challenge and great fun. Hardcover; 288 pages. More than 300 color photographs and illustrations. List price: $45.00. ISBN: 978-0-7603-3939-8. First published September 2011.
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Legendary Corvettes: ‘Vettes Made Famous on Track and Screen

I have known Dave Wendt’s photographic style for nearly ten years and I’ve wanted to find a project on which we could collaborate. When my editor Darwin Holmstrom outlined Legendary Corvettes and limited the contents to just 18 cars, I knew I had a candidate for Wendt. Dave’s technique is “light painting,” and in this he is a master. Working in completely dark rooms – or outdoors at night – Dave walks back and forth past the car with one of several light sources he prefers, shining them on the car. Most of our shoots for this book took us eight hours of work to get the views we felt we needed to portray each car. After those eight hours, Dave then put in many more hours assembling his finished layers in PhotoShop. For the text of this book, I tried to discard everything I knew about the cars and went back to the beginning, learning new information day after day, knowing I had to create text to match Dave’s images. Hardbound; 176 pages. 130 color and 13 b&w photographs and illustrations. List price: $35.00 ISBN: 0-7603-3774-8. First published September 2010.
To see Randy Leffingwell’s interview on Jay Leno’s Garage, please click the link here.

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Harley-Davidson Museum Masterpieces

Written by Dain Gingerelli.
Because the large Harley-Davidson Motor Co. Archive Collection book weighs a robust 10 pounds in hardbound editions and more than three-and-a-half in soft cover, H-D and Motorbooks created this almost pocket-size one-pound book that highlights many of the Motor Company’s greatest machines. On average I shot 15 views of each of the 228 motorcycles and images in this book came from those shoots. The photographs in the book came from the more than Softbound; 240 pages. 280 color photographs. List price $19.99. ISBN: 978-0-7603-3894-0. First published September 2010.
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Porsche: A History of Excellence

How did the Boxster come about? Why did Porsche quit racing at Le Mans in 1998? Where did the Carrera GT come from? How did the Cayman get its shape? What was Porsche thinking when it invented the Cayenne SUV? With 60 years of history, there were lots of questions about Porsche. The story of the company on one level is cars, engineering, and design. Within all that is the story of the people who invented, engineered, and designed those cars. It was this story that captivated me when Motorbooks asked me to write about Porsche’s 60 years of making automobiles. Work I had done on previous Porsche projects, Legends and Perfection by Design, opened doors for me again and on this project I worked closely with newly-named Director of Archives Dieter Landenberger who sat in on nearly every interview. To my amazement, he told each interview subject that they could answer all my questions fully. And then the stories began. On the other side of this project were the photographs. I love the forms, shapes, and curves of Porsche’s vehicles. With the exception of certain unique or nearly unique models, I got to shoot cars for this book that haven’t been seen in books before. Softcover; 348 pages. More than 325 color and b&w illustrations and photographs. List price: $30.00. ISBN: 978-0-7603-4016-5. First published in hardcover September 2008 as Porsche: 60 Years.
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The Harley-Davidson Motor Co. Archive Collection

Forward by Bill Davidson.
In 1998, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City, opened an exhibit titled The Art of the Motorcycle. They had asked me to photograph and write a portion of the massive catalog for that exhibition, and project that inspired this book. My editor Darwin Holmstrom, my publisher Zack Miller, and I brainstormed a proposal to Harley-Davidson to do a large book on their motorcycle archive. In those days, a chance to see that collection required an invitation from Motor Company management. However our timing was good; Harley-Davidson had plans to open a museum to display treasures from its collection and this book in many ways is the catalog for that museum. I spent nearly three months in Milwaukee shooting 228 motorcycles and other vehicles in a studio we constructed inside archives. Darwin and I collaborated on the text, however he performed the lion’s share of that task. Softcover; 408 pages. 450 color and b&w illustrations and photographs. List price $30.00 ISBN: 978-0-7603-4017-X. First published in hardcover August 2008.
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Ultimate Horse Barns

While most agricultural barns represent “architecture without architects,” that is building that grew and evolved from need, horse barns and stables, nearly from the earliest days, were “designed” in ways that protected their inhabitants. As a longtime rider and as a longtime student of architecture, this project fascinated me. From the oldest examples in this book to the newest, each client brought challenges to the architect who, in keeping with practices and philosophies of their time, adjusted each element to satisfy the owner and care for the horse. Hardcover; 192 pages. 200 color phogoraphs. List price $34.95. ISBN:0-7603-2441-7. First published September 2006.
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MUSCLE: America’s Legendary Performance Cars

Forward by Jim Wangers.
Muscle cars in America were born of a kind of “perfect storm” of conditions and influences. The earliest of the baby Boom generation had reached car-buying age; automotive engineers had new technology to “play” with that made engines more powerful and cars lighter and less costly; the blossoming culture of sex and drugs and rock ‘n roll was tearing down inhibitions and shocking the inhibited; and automotive marketers got their fingers on the pulse of young Americans. My long-time Motorbooks editor Darwin Holmstrom and I co-wrote this book, accompanied again by David Newhardt’s photographs. This book is as much a history of the culture and the times as of the cars that inspired us. Softbound; 384 pages. More than 400 color photographs. List price: $50.00.ISBN: 978-0-7603-3305-1. First published in hardcover April 2006.
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Shelby Mustang: Racer for the Street

Working with my friend David Newhardt is frustrating because HE got to shoot all these cool cars. I, however, got to spend hours and hours with one of automobile history’s greatest storytellers and one of its most accomplished creators: Carroll Shelby. While David chased around the landscape finding and photographing the GT350s and GT500s, I had to sit in Shelby’s living room and listen as, on the record and on tape, he answered every question I put to him. Carroll is nothing if not candid. Softcover; 186 pages. 200 color and b&w photographs and illustrations. List price: $24.99. ISBN: 978-0-7603-3945-9. First published in hardcover November 2005.
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Porsche 911 – Perfection by Design

The work I had done on Porsche Legends opened the doors for this book and the company gave me access to active and retired Porsche engineers, designers, managers, and product planners to tell the story of how the 911 came to be and what it was going to become. The theme of this book grew out of a conversation with Motorbooks publisher Tim Parker who commented that “Many companies use the 911 as their performance target but who does Porsche target?” That question launched dozens of interviews that yielded hundreds of answers and helped me redefine the Porsche 911. To illustrate the book, dozens of collectors and drivers in the U.S. and Europe opened their garages and pulled out fascinating examples of 911 history for me to photograph. Softcover; 352 pages. 400 color and b&w photographs and illustrations. List price: $27.95. ISBN: 0-7603-2975-3. First published in hardcover in September 2005.
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California Missions & Presidios

In California, all fourth graders spend part of the year studying the missions. Coming from Chicago, I missed that education so having lived here 20 years by then I welcomed the chance to do this book. The territory’s first inhabitants were native Americans. The first permanent settlers were Spanish and Mexican priests and soldiers who founded a string of religious missions and military presidios up and down the long coastline, each a day’s ride from the next. These structures remain the oldest buildings in the state, designed by itinerant priests and architects and built by the natives. The history is not always idyllic and in the end, it toppled from its own weight, the costs to maintain it, and a population of other immigrants reaching the West Coast. Good friend and fellow photographer Alastair Worden collaborated with me in shooting the missions. Hardcover; 176 pages. More than 200 color and b&w photographs and illustrations. List price $29.95. ISBN: 0-89658-492-5. First published in September 2005.
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Farmall – Eight Decades of Innovation

This was another opportunity to work with IH historian Guy Fay. He and I traveled thousands of miles across the U.S. and discovered – and photographed – a huge number of Farmalls still working in fields and orchards as a testimony to their dependability and customer loyalty. Our stop in Madison, Wisconsin, at the Wisconsin State Historical Society, unearthed another harvest of historical material and data to help me tell the story of the manufacturing, marketing and sales strategies that IHC used to bring the Farmall to life. Hardcover; 352 pages. More than 400 color and b&w photographs and illustrations. List price $50.00. ISBN: 0-7603-2136-1. First published in August 2005
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35 Years of Speed, Power, Performance, and Attitude

In the 1960s, diecast cars and trucks were simple, stodgy, and clunky. Those were the ones I played with. They were hobby collectibles, not toys, and they didn’t roll very well. Enter Mattel: In 1968 (when I was 20!) they introduced the first 18 HotWheels® cars to the world. Thirty-five years and a few billion cars later Mattel celebrated a landmark anniversary in 2003. This book was a fascinating project – part detective story (who REALLY invented the HotWheels®?) and part laugh-riot (everyone said THEY invented HotWheels®!) After nearly 100 interviews with creators, engineers, designers, and marketing wizards, I learned who made the cars go fast, who came up with the colors, the names, the logo, and the unique models. The participants – from Mattel founder and actual HotWheels ® creator Elliot Handler, to designers Harry Bradley, Ira Gilford, and Larry Wood and many others tell their story through the words of those who were there at the time. To photograph these cars, I created a transportable “car photography studio,” and shot hundreds of cars. This book also is packed with design drawings, and photos of prototype wood models, brass cars, and memorabilia from an extraordinary collection compiled by Bruce Pascal on the East Coast. Hardbound: 192 pages. 200 color illustrations, drawings and photographs. List price $29.50 ISBN: 0-7603-1573-6.
First published September 2003.
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Corvette 50 Years

This was my second chance to examine the Corvette legend. This book took history back further than 50 years to examine the inspirations that led GM’s design chief Harley Earl to conceive an American sports car. For a company more accustomed to producing a million cars a year, it was a leap of faith to authorize first year production run of just 300 cars. From there, each year brought developments, engineering improvements and experiments, styling exercises and successes, all revealed during dozens of new interviews. As Chevrolet’s official 50th Anniversary history, I had access to previously untold stories and historical photographs. While I made two cross-country drives to find and photograph significant Corvettes, I once again enlisted my friend David Newhardt to find interesting and rare cars across California. Hardcover; 384 pages. 400 color and 50 b&w illustrations. List price: $50.00 ISBN: 0-7603-1180-3. First published in November 2002.
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California Wine Country:
The Most Beautiful Wineries, Vineyards & Destinations

With Forward by Francis Ford Coppola, owner of Rubicon Estate, Niebaum-Coppola® Estate Winery.
Winemaking is part art and part science. Winemakers agree that their task begins in the vineyard and ends when the enthusiast pours the bottle. This was another project that passionately engaged me. I spent more than 18 months regularly visiting vineyards and wineries all over the state, learning the history of winemaking in California and how and why the state’s wines have been become famous around the world. This book will lead readers on a personal tour of California’s most beautiful, important, popular, unknown, hidden-away regions, from Napa and Sonoma in the north, through Gold Rush Country, the vast Central Valley, the central coast regions of Monterey, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Barbara counties, down to Temecula in the far south. Hardbound; 174 pages. More than 200 color and b&w illustrations and photographs. List price: $29.95. ISBN: 0-8965-8491-7. First published August 2002.
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This project offered me another opportunity to hit the road with my cameras and notebooks. Getting back to some sites I had visited through 1994, 1995, and 1996 for the previous book was encouraging and depressing as some structures had been preserved and others had fallen to the ground. It also gave me the opportunity to take another look at how barn “architecture” evolved as farmers moved west, encountered different building materials and different crop needs. Photos of barns from New England to California, from North Carolina to New Mexico to Washington illustrate the text that explains the design, construction methods, and uses of these structures. Softbound; 96 pages. 80 color photographs. List price: $14.95. ISBN: 0-7603-1151-X. First published August 2001.
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Ford Tractors of the 1950s

This book capitalized on what I had learned writing the history of Ford’s tractors. It sent me back to Henry Ford archives to dig deeper, concentrating on Ford’s innovative and very popular “Hundreds” series farm tractors from the U.S. and U.K. Softbound; 96 pages. 80 color photographs. ISBN: 0-7603-0908-6. First published April 2001.
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Lighthouses of the Pacific Coast –
Your Guide to the Lighthouses of California, Oregon, and Washington.

As with my book, The American Barn, this was another dream assignment: Examine and document the lighthouses of the West Coast. My original idea was to photograph them in the conditions for which they were built – in the dark or in storms. But it was a year of stunning weather on this coast. The development of this region’s lighthouses – different from those on the Atlantic shores – was the story of technology and the human lives of lighthouse keepers and their families. Tremendous cooperation from the United States Coast Guard – the modern day keepers of the lights – allowed me intimate access to otherwise off-limits lantern rooms and the beautiful Fresnel lenses. Hardbound; 176 pages. 160 color and b&w photographs. List price: $29.95. ISBN: 0-8965-8429-1.
First published September 2000.
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Farm Tractor Milestones (hardover)

Tractors – Icons of the American Landscape (softcover)
With agricultural historians Lorry Dunning and Guy Fay, I developed a list of 38 tractors that changed the process of agriculture. Our goal was to provide a fresh insight into farming machines. Starting with a Case steam traction engine and ending with the revolutionary Caterpillar rubber-tracked Challenger, we traced the development from crude friction-driven machinery on solid steel wheels to 300+ horsepower machines with computer-controls. Ultimately a 12,000 mile drive across and around the U.S. led me to the 1913 Waterloo Boy, the 1917 Fordson, 1924 Farmall, Allis Chalmers’ Model U, Massey-Harris’ all-wheel drive GP, the Oliver 88, Minneapolis-Moline’s U-GP, and others that illustrated this history. Softbound; 156 pages. 175 color photographs.
List price $19.95. ISBN: 0-7603-1505-1. First published in hardcover August 2000.
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International Harvester Tractors

Following the Ford tractor story, historian Guy Fay, whose expertise lies with IHC, led me through more than 15,000 pages of documents at the Wisconsin State Historical Society to learn and document the history of IH tractors from their dual origins through the merger of McCormick and Deering and into the modern day with the next merger with Case. Fay and I then hit the road through the East, Midwest, South, and West to find photographable examples. Softbound: 192 pages. List price $24.95. 200 color and 50 b&w illustrations and photographs. List price $29.95. ISBN: 07603-04238. First published in hardcover August 1999.
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Ford Farm Tractors

While everyone knew Henry Ford created the Model T for the masses, he had grown up on a farm and he hated the back-breaking work. He brought in the same bright engineers to work on tractors who were developing his automobiles, his machines immediately were among the most advanced and best selling. With help from agricultural historian Guy Fay, we scoured the Henry Ford Museum archives to learn the inside history of Ford’s “ground breaking” tractor development, his battles with board members and other managers, his separation and return to his own car company. Fay and I traveled across the U.S. to meet collectors and retired engineers to find suitable machines to shoot and stories to tell. Softbound; 192 pages. More than 200 color and b&w photographs and illustrations. List price: $19.95. ISBN: 0-7603-1916-7. First published in hardcover April 1998.
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The American Barn

The barn first reached the New World in 1607, not in completed models or even in blueprints but in the minds of the settlers who arrived in the American colonies. As they fanned out across the land over the next three centuries, the conditions and raw materials they found, and the farming they attempted, forced them to reevaluate, reexamine, and modify what they knew and what they had built before. This book traces that evolution across North America and shows and explains to readers what happened and how the barn changed. I spent more than three years working on this project and traveled more than 50,000 miles through 44 U.S. states and seven Canadian provinces. I examined more than 600 structures and photographed (and made measured drawings) of more than 100 of them, photographing them as working structures.Softbound; 192 pages. 200 color and b&w photographs and drawings. List price $24.95 ISBN: 0-7603-0109-3. First published in hardcover April 1997.
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Corvette: America’s Sports Car

This was my first book on Corvette and it led to a fascination with the car, with its engineers and designers and the corporation that created it, that continues to this day. This book also inaugurated a long-time collaboration with photographer and friend David Newhardt. David knew people and as I raced to meet a text deadline, he convinced collectors and enthusiasts to pull treasures from garages and museums for his camera. While he did his part, I talked with Zora Arkus-Duntov and designers such as Peter Brock, Larry Shinoda, and Tony Lapine about Corvette development and its appearance. Newhardt and I started with the limited-productio 1953 solid-axle cars and concluded with the just-introduced C5. Softbound: 192 pages. 200 color and 30 b&w illustrations. List price: $24.95. ISBN:0-7603-0135-2. First published in hardcover May 1997.
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Ford Mustang: The Original Muscle Car

I have to confess that doing books is the excuse I use for making long road trips. To find and photograph significant Mustangs, I went to Montana, Wisconsin, Texas, and of course all over California. To learn the history I went to Dearborn and spoke with dozens of engineers, designers, and managers, principal among them one who became a friend, Bob Negstad. Bob did the chassis of Mustang I, the two-seat prototype and then returned to the Mustang family after a detour in to GT40 racing development. Through Bob and his introductions the text of this book offers an inside look at how they – and enthusiast reaction – shaped the Mustang since its introduction in April 1964. Softbound: 192 pages. 207 color and 20 b&w illustrations and photos. List price: $24.95. ISBN: 0-7603-1349-0.
First Published in hardcover in October 1995.
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Harley-Davidson: Myth & Mystique (hardcover)

Harley-Davidson: History & Mystique (softcover)

After Otis Chandler dismantled his collection of American muscle cars, he pursued another life-long interest: Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Otis’ first vehicle was a ’47 Harley. In the end, Otis’ collection numbered more than 80 of the Milwaukee machines and we selected those that best told the company history – in engineering and design as well as culture and the times. Otis’ general manager Jerry Sewell, a long-time Harley rider as well, traveled through Arizona, New Mexico, California, and Oregon to find photo locations that suited each machine. Harley historian David Wright helped me unearth interesting stories from the company archives in Milwaukee that went into detail on Harley and Davidson family history, development and design of the machines, and racing and road legends. Softbound: 192 pages. 200 color photographs. List price $15.98. ISBN: 0760315418. First published September 1995 in hardcover (ISBN: 0-7603-0031-3.) To locate a copy of either version, please click here.


Farm Tractors – A Living History

Another Motorbooks request challenged me to find a new approach to farm tractor history. This book took technological advances – how major developments and improvements made farming easier and farmers more productive – as its theme. I photographed horse farming in Iowa, steam traction engines in Minnesota, and wheeled and crawler tractors across the U.S. to illustrate the history. Hardbound; 240 pages. 260 color photographs. List price $24.98. ISBN: 07603-00305. First published August 1995.
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This small book was a compact telling of Porsche history from the first Gmund coupes through 1993 model racers and customs. While it did feature some cars I used in Porsche Legends, it introduced others and I had tight control of images; the photos in this book are some of my earliest, finest Porsche images. Softbound; 96 pages. 80 color photographs. List price $12.95. ISBN: 0-87938-992-3. First published April 1995.
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Caterpillar: Farm Crawlers and Bulldozers

The Caterpillar story began in California with its soft sandy farm soil. Competitors Benjamin Holt and Daniel Best eventually joined forces and then relocated operations to Illinois as they created earthmovers as well as farm tractors. With help and direction from Caterpillar historian Lorry Dunning, we traveled the western states to photograph unrestored original machines and beautifully restored examples dating from Dan Best’s earliest steam traction engines to Caterpillar’s latest D11 and rubber-tracked Challenger. My text went into engineering issues, design challenges, and the personalities of Best and Holt that ultimately led to Caterpillar’s current position as the leading manufacture in heavy earthmoving and soft soil farming in the world. Soft cover; 192 pages. 192 color and 52 b&w illustrations and photographs. List price: $24.95. ISBN: 0-7603-0744-X. First published in hardcover September 1994.
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Classic John Deere Tractors

This was a compact John Deere tractor history. Nearly every tractor was different from those I shot for earlier books and it showed many machines unique to California agriculture demands. Softbound; 96 pages. 80 color photographs. List price $12.95. ISBN: 0-87938-865-X. First published April 1994.
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Classic Farm Tractors

To satisfy a growing hobby interest in antique farm tractors, Motorbooks asked me to take a new approach to the history I did in The American Farm Tractor. While the history was the same, my writing style was lighter and the book displayed different machines from the first book. Hardbound; 192 pages. More than 200 color photographs. List price $24.98. ISBN: 0-87938-813-7. First published in August 1993.
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John Deere Farm Tractors

My first book on farm tractors led to this deeper examination of the machines that Deere & Co built. Another growing group of friends led me to never-before-seen prototypes, rare limited production models and the classic standards of Deere: the Model D, the GP, the rest of the letter tractors and then the number series through the New Generation. Deere archivist Les Stegh provided rare archival images and styling drawings to help illustrate the history of Deere & Company’s farm tractors. Interviews with designers and engineers as well as retired Deere chairman Bill Hewitt explained how Deere came to be number one in the agricultural equipment industry. Softbound; 192 pages. 174 color and 28 b&w illustrations and photographs. List price $19.95. ISBN: 0-7603-1365-2. First published in hard cover September 1992.
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Porsche Legends

This book introduced me to Porsche. Porsche Cars North America’s Bob Carlson provided invaluable help, opening doors in Zuffenhausen and Weissach. This is not a complete history of every model but it tells the story of engineering and design advances through 34 examples, starting with the Gmünd Coupe and moving through the 356 Carrera, 550 Spyder, and on through 911R, 917 coupes and Can-Am models, racing 935 and street 930 Turbo, street 928, racing 936 and 956, and concludes with the 1989 Carrera Speedster. Text came from hours of interviews with Ferdinand Porsche, his son F.A. Porsche, Ernst Fuhrmann, Helmuth Bott, Helmut Flegl, and such racers as Vic Elford, Dan Gurney, Derek Bell, Jack McAfee, and others throughout Europe, the U.K., and the United States. Racing great Vic Elford write the Forward. Softbound; 228 pages. List price $24.95. Softbound: 228 pages. 195 color and 35 b&w photos. List price $24.95. ISBN: 0-7603-1364-4. First published in hardcover April 1993.
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American Farm Tractor

At the dawn of the 20th Century, there were more than 300 companies attempting to make and sell farm tractors. By the end of the 1980s, there were just seven manufacturers left. My publisher at Motorbooks asked me to tackle this subject and I, as a product of Chicago suburbs, was wary until a friend made introductions. In this book, I took a look at the birth of the industry, the shakeouts, acquisitions, mergers, competitions, and changes that forced the weak out of business and changed the way farming is done throughout the world. Through my friend I located and photographed significant tractors – some restored to jewel-like perfection and others rough, raw, and well-used on farms, in fields, and around barns where they lived and did their work. Individual chapters told the stories of Deere, Caterpillar, International Harvester, Allis-Chalmers, Ford, Oliver, Minneapolis-Moline, and many others. Softbound; 192 pages. List price $17.95. 192 pages. 212 color and 41 black-and-white illustrations and photographs. List price $17.95. ISBN: 0-7603-1370-9. First published in hardcover September 1991.
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American Muscle: Muscle Cars from the Otis Chandler Collection.

This was my first book. In it, I offered readers a look inside a most exclusive automobile collection: Otis Chandler, guided by his acknowledged excellent taste in unusual and rare vehicles, had assembled a large group of limited production high performance cars from the Golden Age of high horsepower – 1966 through 1972. The collection – and the collector – no longer are with us; however the book is. Softbound; 192 pages, 190 color photographs. ISBN:0-7603-1085-8. List price $24.95. First published in hardcover September 1990.
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